Friday Inspiration, Vol. 125

The Hanging won the Charlie Fowler Award for best climbing film at Mountainfilm last year, and it’s finally online (video):

Chris Kalman pens a tribute to one of his (and mine too) favorite climbing writers, Kelly Cordes.

A great long read about how DNA testing is changing some family stories, for better and, well, more complicated.

Dan is trying to raise money to buy a shitload of bikes for students, healthcare workers, and entrepreneurs in Africa. You can help him here.

Fifty-Six Questions for Young MC Upon Hearing “Bust a Move” for the First Time in Twenty-Two Years

I guess writing things down still is more effective.

Paddy O’Connell spends a night inside Therm-A-Rest’s testing freezer.

“Cardi B joins Beyoncé and M.I.A. in smashing, among other things, preconceptions about motherhood as a career derailer.”


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